We help our clients manage grant programs aimed at improving health outcomes and eliminating health disparities.

Proven Methodology

Our skilled and objective subject matter experts work alongside our Federal clients, assisting them with procedures, compliance monitoring, and records management. We help our clients manage grant programs that sustain initiatives to improve health outcomes and eliminate health disparities. The Hill Group’s proven grants management methodology and approach contribute to all aspects of a grant’s life cycle, from pre-award through closeout, and support funding agencies, grant applicants, and grantees throughout each phase of the process.

What We Do

  • Development of requests for applications (RFAs)
  • Grant application peer review Identification and recruitment of subject matter experts to serve as peer reviewers
  • Grant support services via GrantSolutions
  • Grants administration, including implementation, reporting, and closeout
  • Data collection, analysis, and reporting
  • Records management Database development and maintenance
  • Targeted outreach to and training for grantees
  • Development of grantee partnerships and collaboration
  • Grants management and compliance monitoring

Project Highlight

In 2015, the Hill Group assisted the Indian Health Service’s Division of Diabetes Treatment and Prevention (DDTP) in the development of a new competitive grant announcement for the Special Diabetes Program for Indians grant program. Staff developed RFA-related documents, created and implemented a technical assistance plan for grant applicants, and developed informational materials about the submission process. Staff also supported DDTP’s application review process, coordinating the review of more than 500 grant applications and recruiting and managing more than 300 reviewers. Also as part of this work, HG developed and currently maintains a database containing information on all applicants and funded grantees (e.g., grant program-level data, grantee-level clinical data), as well as a database of grant application peer reviewers.