The Hill Group has two decades of experience planning events such as focus groups, workshops, trainings, meetings, medical symposia, and conferences.

Professional Conference Planners

We have coordinated hundreds of events ranging from 10-person meetings to 4,000-person conferences, many of which have supported the scientific and medical communities. In conjunction with these events, HG has traveled thousands of foreign and domestic participants, provided translation and interpretation services, and developed thousands of documents. We back our experience with proven online applications and tools that streamline processes and provide relevant data that can be used to efficiently plan and manage concurrent conferences within the United States and abroad. Our personnel are career conference planners, most of whom have Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) certification.

What We Do

  • Concept design
  • Meeting planning and management
  • Pre-event, onsite, and post-event support
  • Food and beverage selection and catering management
  • Audiovisual support and management
  • Attendee hotel and travel reservation, confirmation, and management
  • Development and management of vendor requests for proposals
  • Venue identification and contract negotiation
  • Air and ground transportation
  • Exhibit management
  • CEU and scholarship coordination
  • Marketing and creative services
  • Speaker identification and management
  • Event technology (custom websites and databases, online registration, mobile applications, QR codes)
  • CVENT and other online systems
  • Virtual meeting solutions (webinars, webcasts)
  • Translation and transcription services
  • Proceedings and action plans
  • Conference evaluation

Project Highlight

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) is charged with producing useful and relevant clinical evidence through the analysis and synthesis of existing research and funding of new research. Improving public health by developing valid research methodological standards, PCORI’s strong patient-centered orientation directs attention to individual and system differences that may influence research strategies and outcomes. Over the past 3 years, the Hill Group has managed more than 50 meetings, workshops, and events, including Broad Merit Reviews, Engagement Workshops, and Board of Governors Meetings, in support of PCORI’s mission.