April, 2021

Senior Medical/Clinical Diabetes Consultant

The Hill Group, a well-established firm specializing in health and human services projects focusing on diabetes treatment and prevention seeks Senior Medical/Clinical Diabetes Consultant to join our team for 20-30 hours per week. The Consultant can work out of our Albuquerque, NM office, Washington, DC office or remotely. Qualified candidates must have direct experience working with American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) populations and must have clinical experience in diabetes treatment.


Core Responsibilities


Expert Leadership and Consultation (40%) – Serves as an expert clinical advisor on diabetes clinical care and education issues affecting Al/AN people, including legislation, research, reimbursement for care, diabetes education guidelines, policies, procedures, best practices, and diabetes standards of care. Provides national leadership and professional guidance to strengthen and improve the quality and scope of services for clinical, community, and public health services consistent with the goals of the program. Develops national policies and procedures, objectives, priorities, clinical practice guidelines, best practices, training programs, national standards of care, quality improvement, and other methodologies to address diabetes management, trauma-informed care, and early life interventions in Al/AN communities. Leads effort to develop coordinated diabetes and related chronic disease messages and strategies. Oversees the development and dissemination of health professional and patient education materials related to diabetes treatment and prevention.  Evaluates, translates, and disseminates diabetes related standards, research, and data to national, Area, and grant program levels. Leads workgroups to obtain, develop, and disseminate clinical care information.


Administration (30%) – Writes and edits correspondence, meeting materials, and training materials to develop public health messages for consumers and health providers. Prepares and presents reports summarizing the results of diabetes research. Prepares and submits abstracts for presentation at meetings and manuscripts for publications, as requested. Prepares papers for presentation at conferences or meetings of Tribal, professional, and/or consumer organizations. Presents at national meetings and prepares briefings and reports, as requested. Organizes workgroup/committee meetings, such as standards of care, clinical training, etc.


Training/Educating (20%) – Plans and facilitates meetings and conference calls with appropriate health care providers, administrative staff, and various teams and workgroups to obtain, develop, and disseminate diabetes treatment and prevention information. Coordinates face-to-face and virtual training sessions on diabetes and related conditions. Conducts and /or assists in the development and delivery of training courses including online courses. Serves as a clearinghouse of information that can be used for resource enhancement and to improve services delivered.


Data Collection/Analysis/Quality Control (10%) – Collects and analyzes data related to diabetes. Advises In the development of public health demonstration projects and translation activities related to diabetes treatment and prevention and other related health concerns for the Indian Health System (Federal, Tribal, and Urban health programs). Evaluates and analyzes community data collection and quality control/data utilization methods. Assists with the development of diabetes-related data reports and dissemination plans.


Required Skills and Experience

Expert knowledge of advanced principles, theories, concepts and clinical practices as it relates to the health care profession.

Advanced skills in providing expert advice, guidance, and direction in diabetes treatment and prevention to community health programs and direct patient care settings.

Knowledge of evidence- based methods, techniques, and treatment modalities to prevent and treat type 2 diabetes and its complications in Al/AN patients.

Knowledge of social, cultural, and economic factors of individuals, families, tribal communities, and organizations, as they apply to public health care in diabetes.

Expert knowledge in providing diabetes consultation, training, and technical assistance to health care providers.

The incumbent must have knowledge of Al/AN cultural issues and practices and experience with clinical care issues in l/T/U or similar settings. Must also have the ability to adapt medical principles to l/T/U settings.

Expert knowledge of health outcome data collection and analysis including experience in interpreting reports from clinical information systems, such as electronic health record, iCare, RPMS, CRS, Q-man, and others.

Knowledge of current educational concepts and training techniques for groups having diverse backgrounds.

Ability to promote the program and to maintain effective working relationships with public health and clinical personnel at the national, Area, and local levels.

Expert skills in oral communication and ability to convey complex information to a wide variety of audiences (e.g., medical experts, community members); establish key contacts and collaborative partners; and to make recommendations and consult on issues involving the development of new patient care-related initiatives, programs and technologies.

Expert skills in written communication, with ability to present complex programmatic and technical data in an understandable written format, to a wide variety of audiences; present and defend rationale and recommendations regarding issues and challenges to the effective implementation of diabetes-related health program concepts and capabilities in real-world situations; and develop technical documents, memoranda, grant proposals, letters and awards.


Required Education and Certifications

Degree of Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy.

Possesses a current license to practice medicine in a State, Washington DC, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or a territory of the United States.

Eligible for Certification by an American Specialty Board.

5 years or more of clinical experience beyond residency training or progressive experience equivalent in breath and intensity.


Interested applicants should send their resume or CV to Sarah Murray, Project Manager, at smurray@thehillgroup.com.