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Full Support Spectrum Chart

Project Sample: National Commission on Digestive Diseases (NIDDK, NIH) Full Spectrum Support PDF Sample

  • Senior level strategic planning overseen by HG Subject Matter Expert, Dr. Robert Hammond, NCDD Executive Director
  • Logistical support provided by in-house HG staff to assist with development of a 3-year timeline to map out Commission activities
  • Recruitment of 109 members for 12 working groups
  • Detailed development of all communications and coordination with leadership including the Commission chair and working group chairs to organize group activities, outline priorities, and create drafts for each chapter
  • Coordination of 5 in-person Commission meetings held in various regions of the U.S. including Washington, DC, Chicago, and San Francisco
  • Coordination and management of 20+ working group conference calls for prioritizing themes related to each topic area
  • Assurance of compliance with Federal laws, including FACA
  • Assignment of a lead science writer to develop draft text of the individual report components; staff compilation and copy edit of draft chapters for the final report
  • Provided comprehensive graphic design and website services; laid out and printed the final report to Congress
Full Support Spectrum

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