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Consulting Opportunities

Work with the Hill Group to Provide Services to Any Agency or Branch of the Federal Government

As an expert in your field, you have much to offer any agency of the Federal Government, the local government, and private-sector clients. Become a consultant with the Hill Group and use your knowledge and experience to help fulfill the mission you are passionate about.

How You Can Join Us

We have 2 ways in which you, the subject matter expert (SME), can work for a government agency, including the agency you worked for before.

1. As a consultant subcontractor to a prime contractor to the government
2. As an employee of a prime contractor to the government

1. Consultant as a Subcontractor to a Prime Contractor to the Government

  • First, you would establish a rate for your services. Then you would send invoices to the prime contractor, in this case the Hill Group, and would be paid as an independent subcontractor. The Hill Group would then add its expenses and bill the government for your services. The Hill Group’s rates have already been approved as fair and reasonable by Federal Government agencies such as the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • As an independent consultant, you would need to report and pay quarterly federal taxes, FICA, and so on. This is not complicated, and the Hill Group could arrange for you to work with our accountant to set up a process. As an independent consultant, you would pay around 15 percent in federal tax above your usual income tax.
  • As a subcontractor to the Hill Group, you would bill at a competitive rate and keep your own schedule.
  • We will advise you as you confirm that there are no conflicts of interest, and we would help you resolve any that arise.
  • We would work with you to write a job description that you are comfortable with and excited about.
  • Your time would be billed to the government through our established contract mechanisms, such as GSA schedules (AIMS, MOBIS) or an NIH BPA.
  • You would be able to work with any division of the Federal Government, including any division of HHS and NIH.
  • We would walk you through the entire process of becoming a consultant, and one of our current consultants would be available to answer any questions you may have.

2. Employee of a Prime Contractor to the Government

  • You, the SME, would join the contractor as a part-time or full-time employee, would fill out a timesheet regularly, and would be paid through direct deposit. The Hill Group will process all taxes related to your employment.

Why Working with Us Makes Sense

Join the Hill Group as an SME and continue using your skills and experience while contributing to the meaningful work of your former agency or any other agency in the Federal Government. Remain active in the field you love while doing a job tailored to your specific requirements. And enjoy all the benefits of an affiliation with a leading communications consulting firm.

We have already established the connections and done the paperwork. All you need to bring is your subject matter expertise and your passion for what you do.

Call our Business Development Manager at (202) 846-0288 today to discuss the possibilities.

We look forward to working with you.